Basic Blackjack Strategy Revealed – Crucial Tips for Beating the Dealer

Basic blackjack strategy is believed to be the right starting point for newbies that are only starting to play. It is basically a set of rules on how you should act depending on what you are dealt and what happens during the game. If you are getting ready for your first game of blackjack, this is the guide that you do not want to miss.

Know Your Terms

There is no point to assessing the blackjack charts if you do not know what each term means. Here are some of the crucial abbreviations and terms you should keep in mind:

  • H – Hit – You will get another card.
  • S – Stand – You do not want any more cards.
  • D – Double – The starting bet will be doubled and you will get only one more card.
  • Soft – When you hold one A in your starting hand. Your deck has two different values at that point.
  • Hard – You have a hand without an ace. The deck only has a single value.
  • Split – There is an option of splitting when you have a pair. This way you can play two hands at once instead of just one.

Now that we know our terms, we can move on to analyzing basic blackjack strategy charts.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Charts

When you are only getting familiar with blackjack, complex approaches such as card counting may seem complicated. This is why it is vital for things to remain as simple as possible. With the basic blackjack strategy, there is no counting involved, but there is also no room for improvisation.

In essence, utilizing this approach means that every step when playing blackjack is pre-determined by the book and you just need to follow what is written in the table. Each suggestion on what decision to make is made based on statistics and maximizing potential winning odds in every situation.

At first glance, this table looks difficult to remember. When a blackjack session starts, you need to act quickly and there is not a lot of room for thinking let alone watching at columns and rows to find your current hand. This is why you will have to learn your moves ahead. Do not worry – it is much simpler than it looks.

Basically, you should always stand when the value of your deck is 17 as the chances of busting are huge. The same applies when you have A8 or A9, as well as if you have two Ts (anything from 10 to K). Pairs of eights and aces in blackjack can always be split to boost your winning chances and you can consider splitting pairs in most of the other situations, too.

When we put it like this, it sounds difficult, but trust us – after you have been playing for an hour, you will instantly know what decision to make each time.

Basic Blackjack Tips

Aside from analyzing the odds and playing the safe way, here are some basic blackjack tips that you can use:

  • Forget hot and cold – this is just in your head as the casinos never pick which dealers and tables will be hot.
  • Who says you have to tip? – it’s not the dealer’s merit that you one since they didn’t really influence the events in any way.
  • Don’t get emotional – this is a shortcut to bad decisions. Stick to your tactics and be rational at all times.

When you feel you are ready, do not hesitate and just start playing. This is a quick and extremely exciting game and, once you become a part of it, you will realize just how cool it is.

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