The Era of Online Casino

The Era of Online Casino

Explore the beginning of gambling and its’ evolution into an online casino. Gamblers who are practically a regular client in casinos know a lot about the slot machines and other games the business offers. Being a regular may also help in improving their chances of winning but truth is, even if you’re that kind of gambler, there’s no harm in seeking extra help from the experts. What if you tried different strategies on a game but cannot win, even once? Isn’t it time to ask the professionals on what’s the real deal? Well, you came just in time for the show!

Are Casinos the same as online games wherein you aim or shoot, or maybe complete a puzzle game? What makes casinos in Canada different from the rest? These are the questions which amateurs ask.

First of all, online games are a form of entertainment and casinos as well. Are the two the same? Yes, somewhat. There is a distinct difference between the two, casino games help you earn money while video games do not.

Yes, it’s possible to earn through video games but only a small population of gamers obtain thousands, even millions, of dollars. Besides this, gamers have one purpose and it’s to complete missions in the game. Meanwhile, gamblers use real money in the hope of winning bigger amount of cash.

It all started with one casino in Canada, since then casinos are booming and has become one source of income to the government. Making this a legal form of entertainment increased the tourists coming in the country. In turn, the increase of revenues was outstanding!

People nowadays are curious if online casinos have jeopardized the land-based casinos. Did it? No! What it only did was to increase more of its’ clients.

What is a Casino?

Casinos, an industry that has outlived others for more than 80 years. Centuries ago, it is a way for friends to get together during beer sessions and through this, gambling became more than just a pass time. Now, you will see casinos in every corner of town. Not only that, online gambling is the new ‘in’!

So how does casinos work? There are three common misconceptions on casinos:

“Casinos never lose”

Most gamblers lose money, it may be caused by rash decision-making or lack of expertise but we’re not here to talk about this. Truth is, Casinos DO lose a LOT of money. What, how?!

Managing a land-based casino isn’t easy, you need to consider these factors:


How many staff are in a casino? There is approximately 50+ while the prestigious clubs have over 100! The salary of each staff takes a big toll to the casino.

There’s nothing wrong on having a lot of staff because there’s one thing entertainment industries agree on. What? Hospitality. Even Canadian online gambling sites follow this etiquette! The aim of the casino is to make the customers feel comfortable during their stay.


The land – mortgage or rent – is another factor. Taxes and other government payments apply to this.


Since being hospitable is one trait the industry wants to incorporate, regular members will sometimes receive rewards for their loyalty. It’ll either be a free drink or onenight stay in a hotel.

“Casinos don’t want you to win”

Most Canadian gambling sites and its’ forums of gamblers would mention how casinos loathe winners. It’s a common assumption, people believe that when you win a big lottery and claim the prize, the casinos revenues decrease.

What it does is make the business popular! If you think about it, wouldn’t gamblers choose a casino which gives them the opportunity to win big? Or are you the type who prefers one that won’t give you anything back – even a cent?

“Counting cards is illegal”

You may be surprised with this revelation, card-counters technically aren’t illegal. There is no such rule in the casino wherein once you are deemed to be seen counting your cards, or using a device, you’ll be banned permanently.

This depends on the casino you’re in, they have the right to give you warnings to stop counting your cards. The third strike would be kicking you out. Yes, it may seem like a great technique for some, but the main goal of these games is to make it fair and square.

Online & Offline Casino – What’s the difference?

Are Canadian online casinos and other casinos in different countries the same? How did it become popular? It all started when a land-based casino became the most raved about entertainment establishment. This has been welcomed by the high class and low class people.

Decades ago, land-based casinos can likely be compared to the worth of technology today. If you see people on their phones and laptops now. back then, you'll see casinos jampacked with people of ages 21 and up.

With the rise of technology, this simple offline casino evolved and moved online! The gamblers sees this movement as one of the best and practical idea yet!

These online casino sites help players feel the casino vibes, any place and time of your choice. You want to play casino games in the middle of the night but the nearest casino is an hour away? Well, online casinos exist for a reason! Now, all you need to do is sign up, log in and play gambling games immediately.

What makes the two different? It lies on the kind of bonuses the two offers, the rules or terms and conditions, games offered, customer service, and ease of access.

In an offline casino, you will be able to observe the opponent’s reactions during the game. Meanwhile, in Canadian casino sites the power of observation is next to impossible! Watching your opponent is one key to winning games such as blackjack, poker, and many more. The simple shake of the head, or a smirk is enough to give away what your opponent’s thinking.

What’s the disadvantage of observing in a casino? The opponent can do this technique as well. You can compare this like a mind game of some sort where you try to hide what you truly feel.

Next is the atmosphere, the location and its’ theme. There is a different feel when you’re in a casino, it’s classy and relaxing for most gamblers while exhilarating for some. Though, this may seem like a great deal, it can also be distracting. The blinding lights and loud music are factors that’ll hinder you to play well.

Why Choose Internet Casino?

Online casinos have more things to offer to its’ players than the land-based casinos. Here are three reasons why this will be worth your while:


When you play in a land-based casino, one game takes up much of your time. In the case of online casinos, one hour is equivalent to 2 to 3 gameplays. With that said, casinos online offer more bonuses than offline ones. You get more due to the fast-paced turnover of rounds.

"Why does online casinos offer non-stop freebies?" This is a way to promote the website. "A lot of bonuses seems like a scam to me" is what most wary players say when the bonuses is too good to be true.  Are you looking for a safe online casin? Well, worry not! We understand why you're in doubt and we'll explain why online casinos have more bonuses than gambling establishments.

As mentioned before, you can play more games in a short amount of time in an online casino. More downplay means more money for both parties (gambler and owner). Bonuses is a way to create rapport between the players and the creators of the casino. To cut it short, you play a lot means more revenues for the casino and these freebies is a little token of appreciation for the loyal gamblers.

Games and Time Flexibility

Do you want to find trusted online casinos but do not know where to start? Does the thought of going inside a jam-packed casino, feel suffocating?

Well, you won’t have to feel the stomach wrenching panic ever again because you can play your favorite casino games wherever you are! We’d like to recommend that you play it at home, where you can relax and pay more attention to the game.

Don’t know what online casinos that is worth your time? Well, one way to know is finding out the legibility of the site. Next will be the number of people using the casino. Lastly, is by trying out the games and making sure it’s compatible on your gadgets.

It's possible to play your favorite casino games such as poker and roulette.

“May the ODDS be with you”

If you look at the online casino list and its’ revenues, you’ll see a few similarities. One is the big amount of gains in the casino. This type of casino runs in a fast pace than land-based casinos. Thus, more money is generated and likely spent on the players.

The more players in the website means there will be more money offered for the loyal gamblers. Yes, the casino pays their tax but there’s no denying this fact, online casinos spends less on expenses. They don’t have electricity bills to pay or the need to splurge money on employees (all you need is at least 5 people running the business).

Online gambling in Canada is quite convenient for most players but what’s your take? Do you prefer online or offline casinos? Whatever you choose, both will render the same outcome. The purpose is to entertain the guests and aid in earning extra income.

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