Our Privacy Policy

A basic ideology that guides the control of operations is respect for policy. Our team carefully handles all the details we may gather while you register on our site, an even afterward, to guarantee that as much anonymity is retained as long as you remain on the website.

https://www.online-casino.ca will never ask for any personal details from anyone visiting the website. You may sign up, out of your own volition, for our newsletters which will often bear information about our promotional discounts. Once you register for our services, the following details will be registered and stored by us:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) number
  • Date of registration, and;
  • Your mailing address.

Against the backdrop of our privacy policy, none of your details will ever be traded or displayed in the purview of the general public. We store your Internet Protocol number as a proof that you registered by yourself, as this will ensure that you cannot prosecute us for forwarding SPAM emails to you, which we send as occasions necessitate.

Also, we will not share the details of any of our customers with third-party entities unless they permit us. Be rest assured that we hate spams the same way you also hate them. If you sign up for our newsletters, you may stop receiving them by terminating your subscription whenever you want. When we receive a notification that you have unsubscribed, we will put all efforts in ensuring that all your records are erased from our website.

We only make comparisons between casinos; we do not operate a casino ourselves. This implies that we are not responsible for how every casino treats your confidentiality (please, ensure you look through our terms and conditions very keenly).

However, we can help you check the regulations and privacy policies of online casino sites listed on our site. Every casino listed on site is properly scrutinized to see whether they follow the regulations by relevant authorities. This will enable us to know if they will keep your details very confidential. As long as it is stated in their privacy policies on their different sites that they will not exchange your details with any third party, except if you give them your written consent.

Cookie Usage

Our site makes use of a cookie that helps analysis of data stored on our website. This enables us to track the visitors on our website, and it is a distinctive feature on our website.

We take a record of the pages you visit, your type of browser, and the period of time you have been on our website. Recording these details enable us to create a better online environment that suits the exact taste of our users.

Moreover, maintain anonymity with respect to the details that we collect. Also turn of the online-casino.ca web cookies on your browser to restrain us from monitoring your activities. However, make sure all the web cookies on your web browser are not switched off as that will completely disable you from playing any games on any casino online!



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