Development of slot machines

Slot machines have been around for quite a long time but so has been the misconceptions concerning how they work.

Created in the late 1880’s, slot machines success has been felt around the globe. But since the fruity reels and one-handed levers, there have been major developments and enhancements to make the game better. None better than the incorporation of the game to the online platform. This means that the game once found exclusively in casinos can now be accessed by those having access to a mobile phone or a computer. Online slots have a wide range of playing games that were previously not possible with old machines.

That being said even before the online revolution, there was uncertainty and misconceptions regarding the eligibility and integrity of the slot machines and gaming in general. To clear the myths, all online slot games have a computerized system that generates a random number that is backed by mathematical equations. This system of generating numbers is called the Random Number Generator. It serves to create a random sequence of numbers every millisecond of every day. This number generating system is applicable to all casinos that are licensed and running legally. This means that outcomes of games and in particular the best online slot games are dependent on this software and this software alone. The probability of hitting the jackpot on the first spin is the same but the sequence is different after attempting another spin.

The Random Generating Number system works in a brilliant fashion. First it does not have memory attached to it. Not one part of the game has reference or memory capabilities to the previous spins played. In other words, it does not know if a player has spent an eternity spinning the reels or hit the jackpot on the first attempt. If you play a slot game online, the same technique is applied and a player’s luck is purely dependent on the mathematical equations largely by the random number generator. Thus, the deductions made falsifying the credibility of online slots need to be disregarded as results online are not pre-determined.

Video slots

Video slots account for more than 50 pay lines that are individual and that number could rise to 100. As soon as a player logs onto the internet and presses the play button, the system automatically draws the reels depending on the number they have; most have 5 reels but others have 3 reels. The system has a brilliant way of calculating whether you will win or lose through the equations and algorithms. Online Slots also feature a way that enables immediate payment and this is reflected in a player’s online account. In the event a free spin or a bonus is issued, the random generating number will still be used.

Advantages of the random number generator

As discussed above this system is the sole determiner of a players wins or loses when it comes to playing the slots in the casino and most definitely online. To add to this, the system is meticulously checked for loops and weak spots before it’s integrated into the slot machines. It is also checked to ensure that it cannot be manipulated and is fair to all players.

Online gambling sites will also guarantee that their casinos have this feature of Random Number generator and are certified by Technical System Testing. However, it is worth noting that technology changes every day and some aspects of the online platform may change but the fundamental concepts of the Random Number Generator will always remain the same.

The various types of best casino slot games

Thanks to the internet and ingenuity of mobile phones and computers, casino slot games that are hosted by the online platform are vast to say the least. Most of these games can be categorized into 3; video slot games, bonus slots, progressive slots and famously the 3 reeled slot games. All of these games are different in their own way but all of them undoubtedly offer excitement and fun to the players.

The 3 reeled slot game is fairly the easiest of them all and as the name suggests it has three reels that display a variety of symbols. It has sometimes been used interchangeably with one-armed bandits from previous versions which required players to pull down a lever to start a spin.  Most new players of casino games prefer this game simply because it is fairly easy to enjoy and it is fun as well. When spun, the random number generator stops each reel at a singularly at a particular symbol all together come to stop at a single line. It traditionally comes with relatively sumptuous bonuses and rewards making it appealing especially to the newer players.

The video game reel has at least 5 reels. When compared to the 3 reeled slot game, this one is quite developed bringing in new features that make it complex and appealing such as images, symbols, graphics and sounds. There is more than one pay line as well but notably it also uses the random number generator. It has a lot of bonuses and free spins compared to the previous one. The payouts are also much higher.

How to get online slot games

The internet has made these games accessible to the masses. Players who have mobile phones or computers can easily get these games. Available through either applications that are downloadable or through various portals. In a matter of minutes, a player can start enjoy these games just by following a couple of quick guides and steps.

Features of the best casino slot games

When perusing through the gigantic list of online casinos to choose from, a player might want to consider a few key features before settling for one. First, a player should choose the slot that has the player’s favorite game. The best slots have a variety of slots to choose from. The second feature a player would want to consider before choosing an online casino is the graphics, images and symbols. The display and interface should be appealing to the player. This is also means that the game play should be silky smooth and runs perfectly. The symbols on the reels and videos should be impressive and appealing and this goes for the sounds and images as well.

Thirdly the top online casinos have a great payout odd system coupled with bonuses and promotional offers. This would involve features like progressive bonuses, free spins and free sign up spins. This should boost a player playing capability while being online and boost the payouts when the player wins on a bet or a spin.

Trends involved with new slots

As earlier mentioned, technology is constantly changing and mostly for the better. This means that the future of gaming is exciting and has a lot o potential to better a couple of aspects. Trends associated with upcoming slots in gaming include features such as VR software and live gaming modes. The VR system also known as Virtual Reality is feature that enables its users to link on to a mobile phone to create a world that simulates the real on in real time. Although it is quite far from being deployed it surely has exciting prospects.

Live gaming is featured in the newer slots as it allows players to deal or play in real time regardless of their location. All of the enhancements are aimed at bringing convenience to the players as well as simulating the real world as much as possible.

Canadian online slots

It is important to know that different countries have different approaches when it comes to the gaming industry particularly when it comes to gambling. Canada is not different and the Government in place has set regulations embodied in the Canadian Criminal Code to make sure there are guidelines to be followed to setting up Canadian online slots. Canada has 10 provinces all of which have their own jurisdiction with regards to the gaming industry. Although there is strong emphasis promoting healthy gambling, measures are being put in place to aid those players who might have queries with regards to this subject matter.

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